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With witty songs such as “My Lover Loves Liver” and “Dirty Data”, Bill Shipper has been making audiences laugh and sing along for over 30 years. Bill’s clever lyrics poke fun at the economy and business world, people’s food habits, and confuse it all with love.
Long Bio:
With witty songs such as “Tears on My Spreadsheet”, “Dirty Data”, and “She’ll Kill for Kale”, Bill Shipper has been making audiences laugh and sing along for over 30 years. His satirical lyrics poke fun at people’s food habits, the corporate world, and the economy, confusing it all with love.

Bill’s Memphis background comes through in his folk/bluesy style, riding on solid acoustic skills and augmented with harmonica and ukulele. Shipper has a charming stage presence and engages the audience with humor, stories, and sing-along refrains.

Bill Shipper’s newest release, “My Lover Loves Liver: Funny Songs for People Who Eat and Drink”, is available at
“[Tom] Lehrer has a kindred spirit in Bill Shipper…. he keeps the jokes short and fast, and the album is put together very well musically. Dirty Data is good for a chuckle… nice to be reminded of the lighter side of capitalism.” –The Commercial Appeal
  • Bill Shipper’s song “My Lover Loves Liver” received Honorable Mention in the national NSAI/CMT song contest.
  • Bill Shipper’s song “Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore” was featured in the video documentary Plundered: The Crime of Our Time.
  • Bill Shipper’s CD release Dirty Data has been played on folk radio across North America and in the UK.
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Please contact Bill Shipper for bookings, appearances, or promotional copies of CDs at

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