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My Lover Loves Liver
Bill Shipper

My lover loves liver
She’ll take all you can give her
In whole or in half
From chicken or calf
She cooks it so fine,
With onions and wine
My lover loves liver

Because she’s a giver
She’ll come and deliver
A full plate of liver
To you by the river
Don’t shiver or quiver
You’ll have to forgive her
Cause you won’t outlive her.
My lover loves liver.

The preacher likes peaches
It’s in all that he teaches
The fruit has got flesh
It tempts when it’s fresh
And if you submit,
Then Hell’s like a pit
The preacher likes peaches.

There’s a sermon on each
How Heaven to reach
And the law not to breach
And the devil impeach
An inspired speech
A good lesson to teach
But man he can screech,
And all this from a peach!
The preacher likes peaches.

Bob eats only balogney
And cheese macaroni
His life is complete
With pasta and meat
and without a doubt
A lager or stout
Bob eats only balogney

Bob eats only balogney
With his buddy Tony
His body is boney but Tony’s no phoney
He makes rigatoni
He’d rather his crony than bad matrimony
That’s his testimony so leave him aloney!
Bob eats only balogney

My mom prefers prunes
They keep her in tune
Pitted or stewed, they’re her basic food
She feels more sublime in regular time
My mom prefers prunes

She likes them bestrewn with crisp macaroon
A bit before noon
While watching cartoons
But if you impugn, accuse or lampoon
This ode that I croon my mother will swoon
And beat you up soon like a drunken dragoon
Remember her boon is iron from prunes
My mom prefers prunes

But me I buy brie
I wish it were free
A slice or a wheel, for snack or a meal
Sometimes it’s funny and gooey and runny
Cause me I buy brie

Just you and me on a hill by the sea
With crackers and tea
And the finest French brie
High calorie, in complete secrecy
With the birds and the bees
And a giggle and glee

As there’s no guarantee and I cannot foresee
What the future will be
Let’s keep our fantasy
For today I decree that it breaks the ennui

If you’re pleased just to be
with the cheeses and me
well, that’s why I buy brie!

It’s brie just for me
Prunes for my mother
Balogney for Bob
And peaches for preachers
And liver for lovers…(3x)
My lover loves liver!