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Woke up this morning but I slept too long
Toast was burnt, everything went wrong
Couldn’t find my backpack, couldn’t find my shoes
Looks like today I’ve got the school day blues.

I walked in the classroom at a half past eight
Got a detention for being late
Everyone stared like I’m the class fool
I don’t think I’m going to like this day at school.

I’ve got the school day blues
I’ve got the school day blues
Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose
But it looks like today I got the school day blues.

I looked for my homework but it wasn’t there
Then I remembered it was home on the chair
I started to daydream, my mind went blank
The teacher called on me and my heart sank


Spinach for lunch, and no dessert
I spilled my milk all over my shirt
At recess I got picked on and teased
Fell off the swing set and skinned both knees


I couldn’t stand it, I wanted to scream
Then I woke up, it was all a dream.
Today I’ll be happy, that’s what I choose
Today I’m going to refuse those blues

No school day blues
No school day blues
Today I’ll win, I won’t lose
Today there’ll be no school day blues