1. So Silent Max
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There’s a place in the corner of our house
Where no one ever, ever goes
It’s dark and it’s creepy and it’s hidden from our eyes
It’s the place where the lost socks go.

Now there’s only one who’s ever been there
And his name is So Silent Max
He spends all night hunting for treasures
And all day guarding his packs.

He’s got Emily’s purple barrettes
Timothy’s plaid bow tie
Melanie’s shiny pennies
And tins from Mama’s apple pies

Crayons, puzzle pieces and dice
Pretty marbles all in a box
Two butter knives with the jelly still on them
And dozens and dozens of socks!

So children, take heed to this warning
And put away your toys every night
Or Max will get them!
But he’ll never find them
If they’re on their shelves put away right!