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Veritable vegetables are very good for you.
Vittles made with vegetables are all the rave it’s true.
Victors keep their vitamins and vegetables in view
Cause veritable vegetables are very good for you.

Timothy the tickler tipped tomatoes from age two
Touch twenty-two tomatoes and ten will tip for you
A tipped tomato trips you up by tickling your shoe
And Timmy the tomato tickler tells us that is true!

Carrie carried carrots and went cruising in her car
A career in carrots, Carrie cried, will carry me quite far.
Curiously, she craved to catch some credit with the stars
So Carrie created chocolate covered carrot candy bars!

Sally shunned the sea shells she was selling by the shore
Shaken by her shallow success, Sally sought for more
Soon she spied a stick of celery, scooped it up and swore
Now I will sell seasoned salads in a seafood store!

Peter Piper picked a peck of peppers, purple too!
But Peter in his poverty had peppers oh too few.
So Pretty Priscilla Parker with potatoes he did woo
Now Peter and Priscilla make potato pickle stew!

Jenny jelled the jelly on July twenty first
But the junky jelly wouldn’t jell, one jittery jar just burst!
So Jolly George the joker jiggled jelly with his shoe
And the jiggled jelly jelled just in time for July twenty two!

Melanie the melon muncher met with Maggie Mae
But Maggie’s manners put the maiden Melly in dismay
For Melly minces melons like the meek in Monterrey
But Maggie’s mixing mustard with her melons every day!

Let us then let little letters lay beside the way
And leer at lesser leeches who would lure our fun away
As lettuce left too long will lapse into the listless lore,
So let us love the leek and laugh a little like before!