From the recording Dirty Data

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Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore
By Bill Shipper

The financial future is looking pale
All the big banks are gonna fail
Too many bad mortgages for sale
And Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore.

Well the court judge just locked my door
My 401K is OK no more
Can’t we get Greenspan back like before
‘Cause Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore.

The real estate bubble got me in trouble
Back in 2000 and six
I need help on the double, I hate to grubble,
But it’s nothing a couple hundred billion won’t fix

I ain’t asking for carte blanche,
You can start with just one tranche.
Meanwhile, back at the local branche,
Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore.

Oh the Treasury Secretary called the President,
He called the Federal Reserve.
They called out to Congress before Roshashanna
But Congress didn’t have the nerve

Now the markets are all reeling,
I’ve got a sinking bond feeling
Even Nancy Pelosi is appealing
And Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore.

Well, The bill finally passed, a little half-assed,
The President signed it that day
Pelosi prevailed, opponents all failed,
All troubles will now go away.

Mr. Paulsen, you’re now king of the heap
It’s up to you which houses we get to keep
And I’ve got some poker IOUs I’ll sell you real cheap
We’ll see if you want my debt anymore.

Well, The global collapse exposed all the gaps,
The system has got to be changed
The local collapse exposed new gaps
In a synapse inside of my brain.

And as the world is trying to de-leverage
I’m gonna sit back and re-beverage
‘Cause my employer just gave me two weeks’ severage
And Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore.

Well, We’re in a Recession but not a Depression,
A clarification indeed.
We’ve all learned a lesson: financial agression
Is nothing but old fashioned greed.

So please, please Mr. Bernanke
Work your magic, or your hanky-panky
And I’ll thank ye if you can save my banky
‘Cause Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore.

Nobody Wants My Debt
Nobody Wants My Debt
How bad can it get
Nobody Wants My Debt Anymore, Anymore, Anymore!